Affinity Self is also known as Yuen Shuga. This bloodline is found in members of the Kei clan. Their current head is
Akatchime Kei

Akatchime Kei

Akatchime Kei and they originate from Demon Country. They are outcasts in their villiage and are seen as demons for their bloodline. Naruto offered them a place at Whirlpool and they accepted. Their clan is made up of thirty members. Twenty of them joined the ninja ranks. Five joined the academy. Three became civilians while the last two are toddlers.


The Yuen Shuga gives members near perfect control of an element. They uses infinite less chakra to use this element which gives them the ability to shoot and control it around every inch of their body (like in Avatar the last airbender). Members can also literally turn their body into their body. When they use this form they are immune against jutsu of their own affinity as well as the corresponding element. For example a fire affinity user would be immune to both fire and water jutsu.