Ako Minimishi

Ako Minimishi

 Ako Minimishi is the Head of the Merchants guild in the Hidden Villiage. He was once an average merchant in the land of Tea, but his refusal to give a more powerful merchant his supplies led to his business being burnt down. He mainly deals in the business of crops and after his carvan was burnt down along with one of his supplier's farms; noone would work with him anymore. He ended up a regular shopkeeper until Sasuke overheard him berating another merchant for disobeying merchant laws. Sasuke offered him a new start in Whirlpool and he took it. He helped the other merchants set up shop and his efficient and honorable ways caused Naruto to appoint him the head of the Merchants Guild in his Council.

Personality and SpecsEdit

Age: 35

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Council Stance: He is against using money in anything he finds too risky. He likes Naruto's want to make education better for civilians and Shinobi alike. He also respects Naruto's ability to gather allies at the drop of a hat. Though he is easily aanoyed by Naruto's charismatic speeches and prefers Sasuke's straight to the point attitude. Is secretely impressed by Naruto's themeing of cities to inspire tourism.

Obsevance Scale: Is less likely to see the bigger picture as he focuses on the extensively at every small step. Has a slight paranoia of everyone's agenda and sometimes sees them where they are not.

Merchant HeadEdit

He is very frugal and makes sure everyone has exactly what they need before even considering extra supplies. He mainly deals in knowing what everyone supplies and what resorces they need or may have an abundance of. Ect.