Glass Release is also known as Hari Kaihou. This bloodline is found in the Byunaka clan. This clan is originally
Shion Byunaka

Shion Byunaka

from Rice country, but decided to flee when they heard rumors of bloodline users going missing. They chose to go to Whirlpool on their own because they thought it deserted after it's destruction. They ended up goin past it because of the genjutsu seal Sasuke and Naruto put in place. Sakura found them sailing in circles lost because of the seal and offered them a place in the villiage. There are eight members in total and all, but three where children. The tree adults joined the ninja force while four children joined the academy. The last child decided to become a civilian.


Hari Kaihou is a chakra affinity that combines Earth and Lightening. Members are able to glass versions of several everyday jutsus and even some not seen types. One in particular traps the victim in glass under a very strong genjutsu that makes them experience their worst memories.