Hina Akamoto

Hina Akamoto

 Hina Akamota was a successful businesswoman until her husband  started abusing her and tied her business into illegal deals. The scandal caused the fall of her business and led her to being a waitress in a villiage. The villiage was attacked by slave traders and just as she was brought to the market; Whirlpool ninjas broke up the ring. She started a new life in the Hidden Villiage and her background interested Naruto enough to ask for expertise. Her experience and intelligence led to her being offered to head the merchant guild in one of the other cities, but she turned down the offer and choose this one.

Personality and SpecsEdit

Age: 43

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Amber

Council Stance: Is very anti-slavery and shows a great empathy for the Hyuuga and a disgust for the Hidden Leaf. Doesn't like that kids are turned into ninja, but understands the need for them to start out young. She does frequently try to lobby for the graduation age to come later. Has a small crush on Naruto for his actions to help people instead of taking the easy way out.

Observance Scale: She is willing to give others the benefit of the doubt but can usually spot when a proposal is a cover.

Head of GuildsEdit

The only guild she has no jurisdiction is the Merchant Guild. She makes sure Guilds and shops are following safety codes as well as handling the supply of the needed resources.