Information Eye is also know as the Houdougan. This bloodline is found in members of the Uchomo clan who are
Hunate Uchomo

Hunate Uchomo

descendents from a failed experiment to combine the Byakugan and Sharingan. Their clan head is Hunate Uchomo. Sasuke saved them from where Orochimaru was experimenting on them to find out the secrets of the Sharingan. There are seven members in total. Three joined the ninja ranks. Two joined the academy. One joined the Samurai Academy; while the last chose to remain a civilian. 


The Houdougan is shows with black eyes and white iris that have just a hint of pink to them. They have three black in them as well. The Houdougan gives members three abilities that come accessible each time a comma is activate.

Comma 1: Can detect lies no matter how skilled the hider.

Comma 2: Can put victims under a mild hypnosis to encourage them to do things they would normally do if asked just the right way.

Comma 3: Can see chakra and how it moves and what it's weaknesses are. They can also see how chakra moves in jutsu as well as its weakpoints. 

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