Inucho Hyuna

Inucho Hyuna


Inucho Hyuna is the head of Civilian Education. He was the head of a library that was burned in the Second Shinobi War. He recieved extensive burns from saving majority of books. He then rebuilt the library as he went on a journey collecting books. Afterwards he couldn't get the funds to expand the library and a was outside trying to get donations; when Sakura found him and offered him a place at Whirlpool. He decided it was for the best since some of his books would need restoring after not having a proper storage environment. The originals of his works were sent to Alexandria City; while copies were made to be sent to other libraries. While Whirlpool was being set up he taught some of the refugee children and that inspired him to make sure all the children of the Hidden Villiage of Whirlpool recieved a better education. The fact that his scarred visage didn't cause children to run away from him, because he was in a ninja village is what encouraged him to stay there.

Personality and SpecsEdit

Age: 32

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Council Stance: Is pro anything that helps children and the increase of knowledge. He lobbys to increase the graduation age and appreciates Naruto's more in depth education for the shinobi academy. He also respects Naruto for trying to make sure every child in The Land Whirlpool has access to an education. Sometimes oversteps position and tries to change Shinobi Academy education.

Observance Scale: He doesn't really notice hidden agendas very fast and he is slightly naive it giving others second chances.

Head of Civilian EducationEdit

Determines what books are needed for schools and what lessons are mandatory to teach. Also decides what money goes where and decides on the rules. Ect.