Kabino Yamuno

Kabino Yamuno


Kabino Yamuno is the Head of Development. Kabino Yamuno was the apprentice to the Head of Development to the land of Rice until Orichimaru took over and appointed his own people. He was one of Orichimaru's experiments until Sasuke destroyed the base and saved him and a few others. His experiment was that he was injected with a disease and he was to be monitored as it killed him. Emiko Uzumaki cured him for the most part except she couldn't fix the disease that effected his blood and chakra. Sakura was able to develop a treatment that would allow hi to live a full life; but he would constantly have to take medication. His experiece as a apprentice won him the position.

Personaity and SpecsEdit

Age: 47

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Council Stance: He likes Naruto's plans to increase the medical field. He dislike the Sandaime for letting Orichimaru go to reak havoc. He believes in harsh punishments for wrong doing. While he respects Naruto's ideas he thinks he is to soft to rule sometimes.

Head of DevelopmentEdit

The head of development handles things from what needs to be constructed to handling research for new inventions. Ect.