Nullify Divination is also known as

Kyanseru Hakke. This bloodline is found in members of the Senji Clan who
Hunade Senji

Hunade Senji

originate from Iwa. They ran when one of them overheard the Kage planning to use them in a suicide jutsu that would use their bloodline to suppress the seven tail biju. Iwa was wanting to transfer the biju from Fu to another infant, because they couldn't control Fu. They had also taken pity on Fu and had taken her with them so that she wasn't killed in a resealing attempt. Naruto had traveled to offer Fu a place in Whirlpool and ended up offering them all sanctuary. There are twenty-three members in all. Six joined the Samurai Academy and two of those will end up as members of the Daiymo's guard. Nine joined the academy. Five joined the ninja force and three became civilians.


The Kyanseru Hakke gives members the ability to cancel out chakra attacks within a certain radius of themselves. Members are born with no chackra coils and are unable to to any chakra techniques except being able to walk on trees and water. Instead their chakra literally absorbs into the body and creates a pheromone that nullifies chakra. This only works on human chakra. Demon, summons, animal, and nature chakra go unhindered. The downside is that until they are a certain level they can't turn it of; which means it can accidently work on allies and keeps medics from being able to heal them. There are basically three different levels.

Level 1: chakra disappears within inches of their bodies.

Level 2: They can create a five foot field.

Level 3: They can create a ten foot field and can consiously turn it off or choose who it affects.

Members usually end up taijutsu, kenjutsu, or weapon masters.