Sakuna Uzimuno

Sakuna Uzimuno

Sakuna Uzimuno is the head of the Hidden Villiage trade. Sakuna handled the trade on an island not to far from Whirlpool. She was originally from Whirlpool and when she found out about the rebuilding of it she jumped at the chance to go back to her home. As a teenager she new some of the Uzumaki personally before the attack. When the attack happened she along with the other civilians were escorted to safety by genin level ninja. Many scattered when they landed, but she and some others ended up moving to an island they had visited near Whirlpool. After the attack they tried to return but only an Uzumaki with a certain seal knowledge could get back on the island. None of the Uzumaki's left had the knowledge to do so. So instead they returned to their new home and chose to sail around the island yearly as a sort of remembrance. She was born Sakuna Kalimuno but she like many others decided to change her last name in honor of the Uzumaki's who died protecting them.

She applied for the Head Trader council position and got it.

Personality and SpecsEdit

Age: 25

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Council Stance: She is pro- anything that makes the villiage stronger that doesn't go agaist her morals. She respects Naruto's idea of what should be taught at the academy and his lesson requirements for ninja promotions.

Observance Scale: She always sees the good in others and is sometimes easily manipulated.

Head of TradeEdit

She mainly deals with import and export prices that deal with the Villiage. She also teaches diplomats and is a diplomat. She handles trade agreements that the villiage authorizes. She also works in tandem with the Capitals Head of Trade. Ect.