Soul Representation is also known as Kon Dairi. This bloodline is found in the Matacho clan that originates from
Jirachi Matacho

Jirachi Matacho

Mist. Their current head is Jirachi Matacho. Naruto offered them a place in Whirlpool after rumors of the Bloodline Purge started circulating. Out of its twenty-six members only ten adults took the offer and the six children were sent to keep them safe. The rest stayed to fight in the Civil War. All ten adults joined the ninja ranks and five of the children joined the academy. The last child was an infant.


The Kon Dairi is the ability to manifest a small portion of their soul into the perfect weapon for that member. This can be anything from a Sword to a whip. One member actually created special cards that gave them special attacks (Sheena for Tales of Symphonia). The Kon Dairi has three levels and one Mastery level that no one has reached in the last ten years.

Level 1: They can summon their weapon and channel their affinity through it.

Level 2: They can access one special ability of their weapon.

Level 3: Their weapon physically changes and they either get access to another special ability or the previous ability is much more powerful.

Mastery Level: The members themselves physically change as some form of their sould physically manifests on them. This usually forms as a type of armor or some kind of extra appendage like horns, claws, or even a tail.

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