Summons control is also known as

Shoukan Seimei. This bloodline is found in those of the Hayate Clan. Their

Akuma Hayate

current head is Akuma Hayate. The Mizukage poisoned them because he found out that Akuma had reached a mastery to have the ability to physically control a biju that had less than four tails. Sakura found and gave them an anidote and offered them sanctuary. They took it and have a clan district and clan seat. The clan was made up of thirty-seven members, but the poison left them with only eight-teen. Eight members are children and are in the Academy; while eight are active ninja. The last two are civilians.


The Shoukan Seimei is a chakra bloodline that allows members to use chakra threads to control Summons physically. They use them much in the same way that puppeteers do and many of them take up puppetry as well. Shoukan Seimei can not make Summons use special abilities or make them talk about anything. The Shoukan Seimei has three levels and one mastery level that only two people has ever accomplished.

Level 1: They can control small and lesser summons.

Level 2: They can control boss summons.

Level 3: They can literally control what keeps the summons here and cause them to instantly dispel or even keep them from dispelling.

Mastery Level: They can control the physical actions of biju that have four tails or less. This is much harder to do and the biju will eventually be able to break free of it. They can only do this to Jinchuuriki when they have lost control.