The Main Hospital resides in district 1 of the Hidden Village of Whirlpool. The Main Hospital has several branched off clinics sprinkled throughout the Hidden Village as well as one in each town in the Lands of Whirlpool.

Whirlpool Hospital

The Hospital has several Med-nin who vary in talent. These Med-nin are frequently rotated from the Main Hospital to the various clinics. Some choose to ask to stay at one specific clinic and the requests are generally accepted though they can still be summoned.

There are three ways to become a Med-nin. One is to become a registered ninja and take the courses while doing duties as a ninja. The Second is for a nontrained civilian to register at the Hospital and get special clearance to take the classes. The third way is offering failed Academy students to take the classes.

Important PeopleEdit

Medic sakura

Head Healer Sakura

Sakura Haruno - Head Healer

Raine Sage - Master Healer


  • Novice Med-nin

    • Deal with check ups, mild wounds and illnesses or they call in a higher rank if unsure.

  • Intermediate Med-nin

    • Ninja's that are officially cleared to heal wounds on the field. They report to the hospital when not on missions. They handle secondary check ups, minor to moderate wounds, breaks, and mild poisons.

  • Nurses

    • Provides patient care, blood testing, medicine adminstering, and handle minor wounds and sickness.

  • Advanced Med-nin

    • Ninja's sent to provide medical support for C to A- rank missions. Report to hospital when not on missions. Deals with moderate to major wounds, severe breaks, eye, throat, and heart damage, mild poisons, serious illness referrals, and very minor surgeries.

  • Specialist Doctor

    • Handles civilian and ninja that fall under their area of expertise. Anything from poison, diseases, pregnancy, ect.

  • Apprentices

    • Ninja's sent to retrieve injured nin or provide backup medical support. They are talented med-nins who receive high ranking attention. Handle major but nonfatal wounds, minor brain damage, moderate to major poisons, minor surgeries, and handles transplants.

  • Surgical Doctor

    • Handles emergency and major surgeries.

  • Healers

    • Ninja's sent on S rank missions. Handles major to fatal wounds, spine and nerve damage, brain damage, limb reattachment, medical seals, transplants, deadly poisons, ninja related diseases, and anything above a lower ranks abilities.

  • Master Healer

    • Ninja sent on S rank and above missions. Handles fatal wounds, severe spine and nerve damage, possible regeneration, medical seals, deadly poisons, and hopeless cases.

  • Head Healer

    • Runs hospital. Has same duties Master Healer but hardly goes on missions.